60 Perry Hill Road, Shelton CT 06484

The Perry Hill School PTO is a 501 (c)3 organization – EIN # 0007411570-000

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Treasurer form pdf's above can be downloaded and printed out or you can pick up paper forms in the main office.


Reimbursement & Vendor Check Requests: 

All Reimbursement Requests and Vendor Check Requests should be submitted to Christina Puttock via email at christinaputtock@gmail.com or send in an envelope to the main office. If sending your requests to the office please notify Christina via email to ensure a quicker turnaround. Please plan for a two week turnaround for your check to be processed.


When submitting a deposit please notify Dena Renda via text at (203) 560-1942 or via email at drenda@gmail.com. The deposit can be given directly to Dena Renda or to the front office staff.

Please remember to sign the form. Form MUST have TWO signatures if amount is over $500… this means two people involved in the event (not a Treasurer’s signature). Be sure to fill out a separate Deposit Notice form after the event solely for the start-up cash.